Summon your courage and step into the eerie swamp!
Download the official Schein Demo.


This is only one short level, with a selection of our main gameplay elements. And we’ve made the monsters stay at home, so it’s absolutely safe!
If you would like to see how Schein has evolved and improved over time, you can download different versions of our Dev-Demo below. This Dev-Demo is different from our regular demo, because it has constantly been updated in the course of our development.

Development Log:

  • 08/01/2013 — Fourth Dev-Demo Update (v 0.3.4)  [Download]
    • Graphics: last remnants of old concept were replaced (ground textures, platforms)
    • Sound system: transition from XAudio2 to FMOD
  • 05/05/2013 — Third Dev-Demo Update (v 0.3.3)  [Download]
    • beautifully animated textures
    • new particle systems create atmosphere
    • a completely restructured level — brief and exciting!
  • 03/29/2013 — Second Dev-Demo Update (v 0.3.2)  [Download]
    • completely redesigned character (new model and texture)
    • new animations
    • weather effects (thunder, lightning, rain)
    • a beautiful new Irrlicht
    • additional level decoration
  • 12/21/2012 — First Dev-Demo Update (v 0.3.1)  [Download]
    • revised and refined collision detection and collision response
    • polished background assets and visuals (you can also catch a glimpse of the new asset approach in our latest trailer)
    • implementation of ground fog and experimental heat haze
    • new GUI system and restructured menu
    • new static sounds
  • 11/15/2012 — Release of the Dev-Demo (v 0.3.0)  [Download]
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